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GT Fitness Team

A dynamic team... FULL OF ENERGY!

Passionated for sports, people's health and wellbeing. Oriented at reaching outstanding results, our motivation will be your inspiration.

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Gérard private coach Motivator


As a presenter/host for over 10 years, Gerard has developed an acute talent for motivating people and cheering up crowds. His contagious energy will carry you through your workout and his enthusiasm will bring out the best in you. Aside from his hosting experience, Gerard has several years of experience in strength and fitness training, running and cardiovascular exercise. Known to have a high endurance level, he will help you raise yours so that you can workout for longer periods of time at a higher intensity.
Terry private coach Motivator


Olympic boxer, AAA league basketball player and football player, Terry Osias is an experienced sportsman with his heart on his sleeve. He loves guiding people through their physical wellbeing journey and it will be his pleasure to encourage you to surpass yourself during each workout. As a sports competitor for over 15 years, Terry knows how to pull from multiple disciplines in order to improve your overall performance, cast your worries away and bring out the champion in you. 2013 and 2015 Quebec Olympic boxing champion. Currently professional boxer.

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