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Find a workout that is convenient for you

Our group class exercises pull from multiple disciplines in order to improve your overall performance. GT Fitness offers a variety of outdoor classes that use a wide selection of training equipment and interactive materials, so that your workout never feels repetitive. Each session is planned in advance and all training equipment is laid out in the location area prior to your arrival.

Groupe pendant un camp d'entraînement Bootcamp

Wellnes in the workplace

Indoor or outdoor training! Whether or not your employees have access to fitness facilities at work, GT Fitness has a variety of services available! We have a solution to motivate and support them to maximize their health, energy and performance.

Groupe pendant un camp d'entraînement Bootcamp

Bootcamp (Group)

A sequence of high intensity exercises performed in rotation with short rest intervals. Bootcamp is geared to increase cardiovascular fitness, strength, endurance and flexibility but also helps with weight management, concentration capacity, self esteem, energy levels and stress management. Participants will be challenged in a positive environment.

Cours et entraînement Boxe Fitness


Boxing Fitness is for men and women who want to achieve their goals through contactless boxing workouts. Finally a different way to train while learning a new sport and defensive techniques !! Boxing is a good way to relieve stress and is one of the best ways to lose weight. Warm-up, boxing technique and circuit exercises, given by Terry Osias, 2013, 2015 and 2016 Olympic boxing champion in his category

Service d'entraîneur privé et semi privé

Private and semi-private training

60 minute, one-on-one workout sessions with a coach who adapts a fitness program to meet your goals and physical capacity. Your personal trainer also provides encouragement and feedback throughout the whole workout, so that you are motivated to reach your fitness objectives. Semi-private classes are ideal for couples, families or small groups.

Évaluation de la condition physique

Fitness level assessment

Would you like to monitor your fitness progression more closely? Then ask a coach for your fitness level assessment.

– Body measurements
– Fitness evaluation (to determine your fitness level: beginner, intermediate or advanced)
– Workout program suited to your current physical condition.

This evaluation will inform you of your current fitness level, which will help you reach your goals faster.

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